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It is never late to train for a new career nowadays. Especially, if the program takes less than a year to complete studies and it is free of charge. In this article we will touch upon different types of dental assistant programs which are becoming more popular with Americans today, since the increase of the dental assistants demand on the job market promises to go up to 29% in 2016.

Free Dental Assistant Programs

Free assistant programs are administered by the United States military and it can be very difficult to enroll them (if comparing with paid ones). According to the Bill issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs, various programs are established and offered (both online courses and traditional colleges) for those who are eager to obtain a profession of a dental assistant. Let’s list some of the free programs which offer studies under this Bill:

  • The U.S. Career Institute. This program is focused on the multiple responsibilities of an assistant and general dental preventative measures (brushing, flossing, basic chemistry facts). The program also exists in the form of five CD Rom packages.
  • The American Institute – School of Health Careers, Florida, is another option for those who pursue a career of a dental assistant. The program lasts from nine to ten months (daily classes) and from 13 to 14 months in case of night attending. The courses cover the anatomy and physiology basics, instruments sterilization and performing simple laboratory procedures.
  • Anthem College is also one of the dental assistant programs offered by the US Military. It has its affiliates throughout the States which provides information and improves skills of future dental assistants. The curriculum includes administrative responsibilities and infection control among common disciplines.

ADA Approved Dental Programs

If you are dreaming about a brilliant dental career with future perspectives and various options, you’d better choose among the best of the American Dental Association approved dental assistant programs. There are many of these offering high quality training all over the country. Let’s name and describe few of them:

  • Lake Washington Technical College. LWTC has a 50 years long history and is an alma mater for current 3,000 full time students. It is a traditional educational establishment which provides classroom lectures, school dental clinic practice as well as internship in the private clinics. All students can take the national certification after two years of studies there.
  • Hinds Community College. HCC offers a dental assistant program which lasts 12 months. The curriculum includes receptionist duties besides the traditional subjects dealing with anatomy, equipment and assistance itself. The college provides an excellent preparation for national certification. HCC serves approximately 20,000 students each year and is the biggest community college in Mississippi.

Numerous dental programs existing in the USA are usually short-termed (from 6 months to 2 years). They are aimed to arm students with knowledge and skills needed for successful national board examination taking, licensure and brilliant career. Aspirants have a freedom of choice between free, paid, online, traditional and other programs available nationwide.

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