Dental Assistant Schools: Programs and Requirements

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Dental assistants have numerous duties and responsibilities in dental clinics, combining direct patient care, equipment maintenance, laboratory procedures and office administrative functions. Thus, they make a very essential part of any dental clinic. Most states do not require special certification to become a dental assistant, however, in a number of states specific schooling is obligatory, since different procedures (like X-Rays taking) require certification. In this article we are going to dwell upon a variety of dental assistant schools, their requirements and curriculums offered. Read further to get to know more about starting brilliant dental career.

Enrolling Requirements

The requirements in enrolling can vary from a school to school and are defined by the level of accreditation, length of study and other factors. Let’s determine the most general criteria.

As a rule, for most accredited dental schools a high school diploma is needed. Some of the vocational schools and colleges may consider GED (General Educational Development) certificates equivalent to the high school diplomas. Very often it is considered that the student must be over 18 to enroll. The aspirants may be also asked to pass several admission tests (both for knowledge and physical health). A lot of dental assistant schools can offer special preparing courses to improve basic knowledge before entering the educational establishment.

Programs and Classes

If you want to have a brilliant career and succeed in the dental domain take your time to select the reputable educational establishment that will meet all your needs. Choose among those accredited by the ADA (American Dental Association) Commission. By choosing one of these you will be sure you will have all chances to pass the national board certification exam effortlessly. Although the certification is required only in some states, being a certified dental assistant increases your chances to get a better job and have more perspectives in future.

While Enrolled

It is obvious, that passing admission tests and enrolling dental assistant school is not enough. Reputable colleges require zealous training and dedication for the best results. They also manage internship for their students (working in a dental clinic a certain amount of hours per week) in order to improve their skills and have some ‘real’ practice. On average, it’s about 20 hours a week. Different projects, assessments and papers also have to be met by those who are pursuing a profession of a dental assistant.

In order to learn more about chosen dental school, do some ‘field work’: take a walk through the campus, talk to the current students and facility workers etc. You can also look for schools websites, these usually include plethora of useful information on admission, tests, campus facilities etc. When choosing a school make sure it will meet your requirements in terms of training, since some of them may focus on office administration skills and bookkeeping, for example.

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